Harlequin Opals are miners of black and crystal opals. We mine our own beautiful opal gems from our mines at Lightning Ridge. Our stones and jewellery are sold through our offices in Sydney and Bangkok and are exported all around the world.

We are wholesalers to the jewellery trade. We have on hand a very large range of opal stones and 18ct opal jewellery. As every stone is different it is not possible to produce a catalog.

If visiting Australia please visit our office. We are genuine wholesalers and not a shop pretending to be wholesalers.

Harlequin Opals N.S.W Pty Ltd
ABN 37 002 917 535
Suite 2c 491 Kent Street
NSW 2000 Australia

Phone: +61 2 9283 4699

Fax: +61 2 9283 4618

E-mail: info@harlequin.com.au


Managing Director Arthur Harris JP
Internet Sales Daniel Jenner


Photo on front page reproduced with permission from the book

"A Journey with Colour" by Len Cram